DIY: Embroidered NYE Dress

Its been a tradition of mine since forever to sew my NYE look. Even if I don't go out I like to dress up for the family party. It's that one time of year you can go all out with metallics, sequins, and basically be a disco ball. This year I was inspired to create a themed look based on celestial beauty. I wanted stars, moons, and galaxies mixed with a rich velvet. Because the embroidery would be dramatic I wanted a classic silhouette like this slip dress. I found the perfect stretch velvet from Mood Fabrics to work with this pattern. This stretch velvet made it easy to create a fitted dress without the hassle of adding a closure. For the embroidery I went with several designs from Embroidery Online.  I can always find what I'm looking for when it comes to embroidery designs. I searched star and found an array of patterns to use. For the tutorial to make the slip dress go here. Get the details below on how to make your own NYE dress.

See the steps below but also refer to the full tutorial I mentioned above for the dress.

Measure and cut the pattern based on the slip dress tutorial.

Using my Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery machine with the 5x12" Multi-postitional hoop, I embroidered the various designs in sections along the bodice. I didn't have a specific pattern I just did it wherever it looked good to me. Tip: use a water soluble stabilizer like Aquamesh WashAway as a topper on the velvet fabric. This will create a more detailed finish on the velvet fabric. 

 Fold over the back top hem 1/2", press, and sew. 

Tip: Use Coat's Eloflex stretchable thread to avoid thread breakage when stretched. This product is great for the hems and seams of this stretchy velvet. 

Finish the front edges. Cut straps and pin them on the front and back bodice. I just cut 2 strips of the velvet about 1" thick and pulled them to create strings. 

Sew the straps into place. Then finish the bottom hem. 

NYE READY! AND wishing you all the best for 2018! 

*Thank you Embroidery Online & Mood Fabrics for partnering with me on this post. 



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