A Sustainable Holiday

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I've been sharing some old Trash to Couture refashions. This Holiday season I made it a mission not to buy new clothing for the festivities. This meant wearing what I had or redesign something. Of course, in Trash to Couture fashion I pick the creative, hard route and make something. This (former) long sleeve/maxi dress I got thrifting had a great ombre, wine velvet. I cut it apart a couple years ago (hence why the before photo is so bad) and even made most this dress but just never got to finishing it for the blog.  To update this look, I cut the hem shorter, removed the back, and used the long sleeves to create the criss-cross back. I then added elastic along the back of the waistline. I didn't get around to making a tutorial but soon as I think this could work for most silhouettes like this.

The whole look is sustainable. I'm wearing sustainable shoe brand VEERAH: The Audrey.  The gold purse is vintage from my Grandma.  What are some ways you save during the holidays?

See the before photo below:


  1. Looking adorable Such an amazing dress. I am trying to make a unique Embroidery Patterns. Can anyone tell me How to Design Embroidery Patterns I am new in Designing.

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  3. She is beautiful and polite in that graceful dress

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