DIY Embroidered Sewing Machine Cover

I love to make clothing for myself but also for my sewing machines...:) well covers for my sewing machines. It keeps them free of lint and dust when not in use but I also have a lot of little hands around and so it's a safety/protection thing as well. I'll never forget when my toddler son got a hold of sunscreen and sprayed it all over my studio. I can laugh about it now but since then I always use covers on my sewing machines! I have a lot of the hard covers but I don't usually like those. They can be hard to store when you're sewing and I like to keep my thread on as well. I use to just throw a piece of fabric over but it doesn't look as pretty. When OESD sent me the Fashion by McCall's embroidery collection the first thing that came to mind was a DIY sewing machine cover. The collection features vintage artwork from McCall's rich history of fashion innovations. The set of 24 includes word art, illustrations, and sewing iconography.

Check out the simple tutorial below to embroidery and sew your own sewing machine cover in no time!


DIY Instructions:

Measure your sewing machine according to the above measurements. Add 1/2" seam allowance to the outside edges if you plan to hem your edges. If you use binding like I did then you can get away with no seam allowance.

Custom cut the pockets to fit your desired needs. Mine were 5"x 5" and the longer one 5"x9". Just make sure to add a 1/2" border to fold over the edges. 
If you plan on embroidering you will want to do this before sewing the pieces together. I did embroidery all over so I used my template to measure, mark, and hoop at various spots. I used OESD's Ultra Clean and Tear to Stabilize. 
Embroider away with my Brother SE1800 purchase here. 
 Tear away the stabilizer and then fold over the pocket side edges 1/4" and press. Then fold over the top 1/2" and press. 
Sew the top hem of the pocket over. 
Pin the pockets onto the main piece and top stitch them into place. Obviously leave the top open.
Add the top piece and sew right sides together. 
Add the other main piece and sew them right sides together.  Press the seams flat. 
 Pin and sew binding around the edge for a bit more color. OR... you can press the sides over 1/2" and sew. 

At midpoint add 10" strips of binding or ribbon and tack them into place. 

Cover and tie. 

*In collaboration with Embroidery Online.


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