DIY Shibori Dyed Kimono

Do you remember a few posts back when I shared my yearly Shibori with Indigo post using Jacquard Products Indigo Tie Dye Kit? You can see the full post here.  It was to date my favorite outcome of all my dye sessions.  While dyeing I cut out a traditional kimono pattern using Organic Cotton Plus's White Sateen.  The feel and sheen of the fabric was perfect for this kimono.  I loved how vibrant the Indigo dye came through on the natural fibers. Well, I finally had a chance after moving to sew the pieces together.  Still in time for summer! The kimono is a versatile piece that can be worn as a cover up at the pool or a statement piece for an evening out.  You can alter the pattern to be longer and/or wider.  The sashes add fit and can be tied in either the front or back.  See how to sew your own kimono in the steps below! 


Use the template above to create your pattern. My measurements for this kimono were:
back panel: 24" x 28"
front panel: 10" x 28"
sash: 3" x 20"
facing: 4" x 15"

I used a seam allowance of 3/8" unless mentioned otherwise. 

Begin by cutting out your pattern pieces.

Finish the center front edges of the front panels. I serged the raw edge then folded over another 1/2",  press, and sew the hem into place. 

To create your sashes: Fold 2 of your strips right sides together and sew along the edge.  Then use a loop turner to flip it right sides out. Press so the seam is in the middle of the back. 

Place front panels right sides together with back panel. Sew at the shoulder seams. 

Measure the length you want your armhole opening. For a kimono you'd want it to be loose. Mine was about 13".

Mark where you want your armhole to stop, mine was 13" down from the shoulder seam. About 5" down from that point, or to the waist, sandwich your sash in-between the front and back panel and pin into place.  The sash should be right sides together with the back panel.  Sew the side seam right sides facing, from the armpit mark to the bottom. Repeat for the other side. 

To attach the facing on the armholes.  Fold your facing strip in half right sides up and press.  Attach the facing so raw edges of the armhole and the raw edges of the facing are together.  Sew starting at the under arm going all the way around.

Then finish the side seam of the facing so it meets with the side seam of the bodice.

Press open and it should look like this. 

At this point, all that is left to do is hem the bottom edge and back neckline. That's it! Such a simple project with a beautiful outcome! 

Check out OrganicCottonPlus.com for more organic fabrics, notions, & supplies.
JacquardProducts.com for more textile dyeing tips and products. 


  1. Such a great posting! The printing is absolutely amazing!
    It is really helpful!
    Thank you for sharing! xx


  2. gorgeous - adore the depth of shade, which I am still trying to achieve, my indigo comes out mid tone - I think I am too impatient

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  3. Love your kimono outfit<3
    It looks super fashionable! xx

  4. Tunika podoba mi się, świetna jest :)

  5. Bardzo fajne to kimono :)

  6. Wow the Kimono is amazing,
    the Colors are PERFECT for summer. Thank you for this amazing DIY;
    I have to try it.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

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