DIY: Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Top

Create this off-the-shoulder ruffle top I designed for summer! This is a versatile top that can be casual or dressed up for a special occasion. I chose a light weight organic cotton gauze to keep it breezy for the Georgia heat. You can make the hem longer for a dress or add trim for extra details. Once you get the hang of this pattern you’ll want one in every color and print. Get the details below on how to make your own. 


  • Sewing machine 
  • 1/4 in. elastic measuring your shoulder circumference
  • 1.5 yards of lightweight, semi-sheer fabric, I chose an Organic Cotton Plus white cotton gauze here. Go with fun prints here or keep it basic.
  • White Cotton Thread
  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat


Create a pattern for cutting your pattern pieces with the template below.

Use the template above to create your pattern. Begin with 2 rectangles of fabric as if you were creating a flowing tube top. Cut a slight slant on each side to create armholes. For accuracy measure your underarm to where you’d like your top to be and add 1" for hem allowance. Sew the front and back pieces right sides together.

Cut a strip of fabric for the ruffle that is double your shoulder circumference for the width and 8 inches for the length. You will want to add a hem allowance (1/4 in. – 1/2 in.) to the length. You can divide this measurement x 2 and create a front and back pattern piece for the ruffle as well (+ seam allowance). In case you don't have a full width in fabric. 

 Finish the edges of your ruffle, bottom hem, and arm holes. Sew the ruffle into a loop right sides together.

Pin the center seam of the right side of the ruffle to the center of the wrong side of the back bodice. Pin the alternate center of the ruffle to the center of the front, again right side of ruffle, wrong side of bodice.

Sew right side of ruffle to wrong side of front and back portions only with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Now turn the bodice right sides out and flip the ruffle so it hangs right side out and press.

For the rest of the ruffle that will cover the sleeve, press 1/2 inch over.

Now we will create a casing for the elastic. Start at the sleeve portion leaving a 1 inch opening for the elastic and top stitch all the way around 1/2 an inch from the edge until you get back to the opening.

Use a safety pin to glide your elastic through. Sew the elastic together with a zig zag stitch and then sew the opening closed.

Now onto one in every color...


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  8. I made this and it came out amazing! Especially since it's the first thing I've ever sewn! I used white muslin since I liked the clean look of your shirt. It got a little confusing at times, like the width of the top being "bust measurement" but cutting 2, so I divided my bust circumference by 2 and cut 2. I found the armpit was the easiest by laying a tank top I liked the cut of on top, tracing it, and folding the shirt in half before cutting. That way, both sides have the exact same cut. Since I am very curvy, next time I'll flare out the bottom to account for hips/butt, since it's too tight to have the shirt flowing straight down. I'm just so happy with how it turned out, though! Everyone was complimenting it, saying it looks like I bought it :)

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