Update Clothing with Embroidery

For this tip post I am sharing with you how to update an old collared shirt by adding embroidery with my BERNINA 560 and the embroidery module. I’ve been wanting to get an embroidery machine for as long as I’ve been sewing, so this was a dream. Because I’m new(ish) to using one it was a little tricky at first. I had to practice and get help from my local Studio BERNINA. I learned quickly that proper stabilizer (Sulky Sticky +), thread (Sulky Rayon 40wt) and proper embroidery needles were important to have a successful outcome. Once I got the hang of it, it’s become a nice edition to my designs.
Top designers showcased their Spring 2017 lines with intricate appliqué and embroidery. Some of my favorites were Gucci’s wild garden patterns with snakes, butterflies, floral, and tigers. It’s a great update to boring clothing, so for this post we will be showing you tips on how to do your own.
See the rest of this post and the finished result on the We All Sew blog HERE
FULL Video tutorial of the steps and process HERE


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