DIY: the cold shoulder tee: 2 ways

The cold shoulder top is taking over from the runway to street style and everything in between. It's a cute detail and simple to create with a tshirt you probably already have. I added some beads to for a little extra detailing and even pearls would look great on a black one. The other way is to tie ribbon or extra tshirt fabric around to create a bow. 

Tutorial Below:

 Begin by cutting along the shoulder seam a couple inches down. I like to keep the serged edge along the shoulder so the raw edge is on the sleeve. 
 Fold over the sleeve edge. 
 Pleat by continue to fold back and forth in an accordion type pattern. Then pin into place with a needle or safety pin. 
Hand sew beads in-between the pleats. 
Or wrap some extra fabric around and hand sew or tie into place.

I love it. 

How interesting is this abandoned house in my neighborhood…? It's a work of art in itself cover on all sides with interesting paintings of eyeballs, geometrics shapes, and faces all over it.  The erie thing about this house isn't just the artwork but their is always supplies around it as if someone is in the midst of painting. Yet I have never seen the person and I'm running by it daily. The windows are always wide open too...

Pinterest Collage for you!


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