DIY Choker Dress from T-Shirt

Another spin on the good old t-shirt dress. Something you can rely on to keep you cool and chic during these HOT summer months. Follow this simple tutorial below where Shirtspace and I partner up to share how to make this Choker Dress. No tedious hemming/finishing required…

See tutorial below…


Full video tutorial here where I show you how to create this look on It's Sew Easy TV.

Begin by cutting the sleeves off. 
Tip: cut next to the serged edge to keep the finished edge on the shirt so you don't have to finish the hem later. 

Cut the top of the shirt off like this...

 Gather folded pleats starting right to left reaching the middle and then left to right. Pin and sew into place, right sides together.

 Do the same for the back...

Take one of the removed sleeves and pin the middle of the sleeve in the middle of the front like the photo shows. Sew right sides together...

 It will look like this when sewn.

Place the middle of the back now with the seam of the sleeve since that's the middle and sew right sides together.

Fold the extra edge over and sew a zig zag hemline on both sides.

and done…
If your head can't fit into the sleeve (now collar) opening you may need to cut the back seam and add a tie with the extra sleeve…


  1. Great idea, but I did make this and found you have to be pretty short to not have to add more material to the bottom. I had to add another 5 inches to the bottom so that it would look like the picture length on my 5'6 height. I was complimented on it, however, it was was a nice quick idea, so thank you.

  2. Lovely dress! I am really impressed with your creativity. This T-shirt dress is very easy to make by following your steps. I am so excited to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, that's great, she designed the dress that looks so unique.

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  11. I like this, but the tutorial does not match the back of the dress shown in the pic...


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