DIY Lace Up Flats

I love these snake skin flats but I noticed after I bought them they gaped open on the sides. So here is a quick, trendy fix using my trusty Dritz Plier Set.



  • Start by marking where you want your holes to go. I using pins because my tailors chalk wasn't showing through for the photo. I spaced mine 1 1/4" apart starting from the middle of the front and evenly spaced them around. You will have to adjust according to your measurements. 
  • Next use Dritz Plier Set and follow the instructions. I used some sharp embroidery scissors to create a small hole in each marking and then placed the eyelet in properly. Then use the plier set to secure the eyelet.
  • Lace the string through starting at the front. Make sure the string is long enough to go through and wrap around your ankles.

Yep, that easy…

Pinterest Collage for you...


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