DIY 5min Bandana/Scarf top

 I love this little Bandana top for summer. It's simple, light, and airy. You can use bandanas or scarves for this. Tutorial below.

 Start with your bandanas or scarves placed right sides together. Sew the side seams up leaving about 6 inches open where the arrows are placed. The edges should be finished on the bottom hem and side seams which makes this fast and easy. If you use scarves or fabric the standard bandana sizes are 22 in x 22 in. You can do whatever width/length you'd like though. 
 Another view of the side seams and opening. 
 Sew the top about 1/2 inch over creating a casing for the string. 
 Using a safety pin weave string through the front...
Repeat for the back and then tie them together. You can even criss cross the straps in the back. It's up to you how long your straps are…
To add chain: measure how long you want the chain. Weave front string through the chain till half way point...
Then weave the back and tie a bow in the center chain link. You can tack down the ends with a needle and thread to keep the chain in place.
Perfect Memorial Day attire. 


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