DIY Pom Pom key chain

Check out the simple video above or photo series below.

Using cardboard cut 2 circles and then another smaller one in the middle. You will then cut a slit in each to easily wrap the tulle around. Using a roll of tulle wrap around till it's a good thickness. Cut in between the cardboard and use the open slit for this. Open the cardboard and tie ribbon or any string into a tight knot. Remove the cardboard and use again. Add a chain by knotting the string a few times through one of the links. Then add a keychain loop through the top of the chain link using pliers.

Make these for your friends, with your friends, or the kiddos love them too. Size, color, and chain is up to you. 


  1. Thank you Laura for sharing this idea!

  2. I would better do it for my dog. She loves such things to play with. Thank you for inspiration, keep on posting!
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