The best DIY maternity jeans

Choose a pair of pants that are stretchy to begin with because as the pregnancy progresses you will grow everywhere and not just the waistline.  This is just for taking out the waistband to fit the growing baby bump and hips. 

Get the details below…

Cut the side seams or seam rip them open. I went down to the pocket but you can do just the waistband as well.
I used ribbing but you can use any fabric that is somewhat stretchy and comfortable…old tshirts? Fold the fabric in half and place under the jeans with the folded edge along the top of the waistband. 

Pin and try on to see how wide or small you need. Now you can either just top stitch as such and trim the excess….or…
Trim the excess while pinned…
This part is optional but I would add elastic in there because the ribbing can loose elasticity. Sew up to just where the elastic will go on each side. I chose an inch thick elastic and pull it through.
 Sew the elastic into place and finish sewing it up the jeans.
Sew right below the elastic creating a casing to keep it in place. 

The awesome thing is once the pregnancy is over you can undo the thread and sew the side seam back up. 


  1. Love this one Laura! Pinned it for future projects to make for friends and family. I'm sending you an email to ask for a possible collaboration in the future. Thanks.*xoxo*

  2. So clever, thanks for the idea! :)

  3. Most of time it will become a problem of Jeans in maternity.. For picking up a new jeans but you made easy but adding the simple tips.. Thanks for adding it.. I am going to share with my friends also.

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