DIY wrap skirt from tshirt.

This is the perfect skirt go to skirt. It's fashion-forward, but most importantly comfy and therefore great for pregnancy. This is similar to this DIY wrap skirt I designed herebut a bit more technical. 

I used a tshirt that was XXL. You will have to base this skirt off your measurements so I can't tell you how wide/long you will make this since it's up to you. I was able to use the whole XXL tshirt for one skirt. Depending on the tshirt size and your measurements it may be 2 or more shirts. You can easily use fabric for this as well. I used a tshirt since I wanted to recycle and didn't want to finish the hems.

Make your own or purchase one from here

Start with 3 pattern pieces. One will be the back and 2 will be the front. All my panels measured the same. You will want to add extra length since we will be ruching the skirt and it can get pretty short. 
I'd say add at least 5 inches extra then what you want the length of the skirt to be. 
 For the front panels use elastic to the length you want the ruching to go. Mine went from hip bone to mid thigh. Now be careful because the higher up you go the more you show. This skirt can get pretty short so make sure you are happy with your length. Sew elastic along one side of each edge and pull as you go so it gathers. One panel will be ruched right, the other left. You don't have to use elastic you can just gather it as well while sewing.  If you use elastic leave extra as shown in the photo for the rest of the skirt. 
 Place the back and one of the fronts right sides together and sew. If you used elastic you need to sew on the inside of it or you will see the elastic when flipped out. 

 Place the other front panel on and do the same.
 Once sewn you will need to gather the rest of the side seam to the hem…
 It should look like this when flipped out. 
 For the waist I did a yoga band. Just old a strip of fabric in half as wide as you want. Length is your waist measurements plus 2 inches for seam allowance. 
Start at one of the side seams and sew right sides together around the top. Sew the band up together…and you're done.


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