DIY Batwing Cardigan

organic cotton plus fabric: 2 yards

Simply follow my tutorial here to make the main batwing part. The only thing I changed was the measurements because I wanted it big. This new one was 45 inches long by 30 inches in width. I'd suggest a good fabric like Organic Cotton Plus, which I used their black stretch jersey here.

Tutorial below or purchase one made by me from here
To add sleeves I used a ribbing here that matched my main fabric. I folded the ribbing in half. The folded edge is my hem.
I then used the measurement from wrist to elbow in length and cut the width of my arm as above.
Sew the seam right sides together to form a tube. You can easily use the same fabric and one layer.

 Attach the arm to the batwing shell right sides together as above. Start where the seams from both pieces matching together.
When pulled out it will look like this.

Now to the fringe/rib edging on the main shell…

You will use ribbing for the edged hem. Fold it in half, mine was about 7 inches in width and 1 1/2 yards long. You will want this to fit all the way around the hem of the batwing shell so make sure you have enough or piece them together as you go.
Attach the ribbed edging right sides together around the front and sew. Start at the neck line and meet at the neckline going all the way around.

If you want to add fringe use another fabric and simply cut strips, pull, and tie in knots together. Then sandwich it in between the ribbed edging and shell.

Press the hem flat and you're done. What a great addition to a fall wardrobe...


  1. Looks so comfy!! Not sure if the link isn't working for me or just isn't there...would love to see the original tutorial!!

  2. Looking great! But the link to the tut does not work, thanks. Best wishes, Elke

  3. Love it I'm making one for sure.

  4. Love this pattern. I have a few boleros and cardigans with this pattern. Your is great

  5. I have never commented on any sewing/DIY blogs before but was so inclined to do so on your blog. YOU ROCK! you are so talented! thanks for sharing your beautiful mind.

  6. Yeah big thanks, God bless

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