DIY Skirt Into Dress

Inspiration for this project
I don't wear skirts usually, especially longer ones that go beyond the knee. I had this gathered cotton skirt that I thought would make a better dress.  Below, I came up with a way to refashion a skirt into a trapeze style dress. You can even do this with a strapless dress to add extra coverage.

 Begin by cutting the waistband from the skirt. You will then cut the side seams down a bit for the armhole. I'd start with a couple inches and then increase once fitted on. You will need to finish the armhole edges.
Use a collar, pattern, or tank you like for the top and cut. I decided to do a boat neck with a slight racerback. Their are many styles and fabrics you can choose from. Halter or collars from old shirts like the one on the left.  Fabrics can be laces, embroidered handkerchiefs, macramé like the one above. 
 Cut 2 patterns for the front and back then finish the edges.
Pin both front and back pieces on the skirt. Topstitch along as shown in the photo. If the bodice doesn't fit the skirt you may need to gather the skirt to fit the bodice properly.
Finish by sewing the front and back right sides together at the shoulder seam.


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