DIY below:

I see this dress daily on pinterest. It's a simple design and all it requires is a tie dyed XL tshirt. 

I just did my yearly shibori indigo dyeing and made this dress from my husband's shirt. 
I went with a basic tie dye print my son made for me.
Starting with a much larger than you tshirt...cut the sleeves and remove the collar. 
Cut as such to create a halter. 
 Finish the arm edges or not…Fold over the collar edges and iron or pin. 
 Sew 1/4 inch edge for the front halter.
 For the back cut a slit and then sew the edges over 1/4 in. 
 Weave a string through with a safety pin. I used a strip from the left over sleeve. 
Slide the strings through the back to the opening slit and tie.

Next I'll show you how to add a casing in the middle to give shape to the garment.


  1. really great idea! i'm doing this right now

  2. Well I did it! It was very easy but I don't think it looks as cute on me as it does the girl in the pic.

    1. yes it still depends on your body type

  3. Show a picture of the front

  4. Would love to see how you add the casing.

  5. this is really what i am looking for because i was browsing on youtube because i was looking for a tutorial on how to make a halter dress but all of the video in youtube needed new fabrics and a ton of sewing, this is really easy and the best because i have a ton of old long shirts that i can use. thank you very much looking forward for more easy sewing projects!!

  6. Me too?! Where is it??

  7. Where is this section???!!.....Next I'll show you how to add a casing in the middle to give shape to the garment.