Thrifty Thursday

Denim jacket $

 Denim jackets are on trend this fall and the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. Thrift shops are known for their rows of denim. Layer it with a hoody or plaid shirt to add extra warmth. Also great as a light jacket with a summer dress.  Check out your local thrift shops and let me know what you find. 


  1. Love that outfit! Perfect for this transitional season!

  2. I love the style and shape of denim jackets, but I just can't quite bring myself to wear them. Even though I think they look great here, denim just feels like it belongs only to jeans to me. Maybe one day I'll branch out, but for now I think I'll just admire them when done well by others!

    1. ha, yea they aren't the coziest are they. I always have to add something warm underneath like a hoody. Thanks Summer

  3. great score! the denim jacket is possibly my fave staple piece in my mommy wardrobe :) i love the sweet and simple styling and beautiful scenery happening here... perfection ;)

  4. That's a really lovely outfit !


  5. so beautifull girl.nice photograhi
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