Trash to Couture: Shibori Dress

I browse garments based on the fabric regardless of the silhouette. I stopped into a thrift shop to find this basic dress ( see below ) that was hand dyed with indigo using shibori techniques. The shibori was excellent but the silhouette needed to be completely altered. It felt like I was wearing a potato bag.  Luckily, the shift dress was made with at least 2 yards of fabric, therefore I had just enough to create this backless, criss cross dress.

I alined the stripes for the front bodice and then matched with the pleated skirt. 
It can be worn casually or dressed up, therefore my perfect dress. I didn't use a pattern because the fabric I was working with. It was a lot of trial and error but turned out lovely….
Before…shapeless but stunning shibori dyed fabric.