DIY Beach Dress

Supplies: Dyed fabric, something with stretch.

This was one of the prints I dyed with shibori techniques. I wanted it to be something for the beach and saw this simple pattern from Victoria Secret, which is perfect for what I wanted... 

See more below on how I made it...

Basically the pattern is a rectangle with loops on the sides.  Simply cut a rectangle, mine was 61 inches wide and 26 inches long for a small.  You can pick how short or long you want it by changing the length.  Wrap the fabric around to see how it will fit on you. Be careful it isn't too wide or the back will be too low. 

Cut 2 small slits 7 inches apart for the arm holes and use a jersey string to knot in. Make sure to cut very tiny slits or the strings will fall out.  I sewed mine in place. To make the string just cut a strip of jersey fabric no wider than in inch and pull...about 20 inches long will do. 

How is that for simple? Looks great as a sarong/scarf too. Even cute to wear as a top with a denim jacket/vest. 



  1. this is so adorable and fantastic looking! Also looks way easy to do. I loved the dyeing technique i ordered some dye to do it! Never knew there was a difference. gonna have to make one of these for beach season! Great tutorials always. Thanks

  2. Wow! Makes me want to try some Shibori. Looks amazing!

  3. It looks so good and easy! I love it. Thanks for great idea. :)

  4. This is beautiful! Looks great on you too! Love that it doubles as a sarong :)

  5. So cute! Perfect for the summer - love it!!

  6. So cute! Some grommets for the holes might help the string / knots to not pull through or tear the fabric.

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