DIY Gift: Appliqué Sash

Supplies: ribbon, appliqué

A simple but lovely gift, perfect addition for dresses and cardigans while creating a nice waistline. Also a versatile gift as it can be used as a head band. 

Just add ribbon to the sides of the appliqué by sewing. Check the trim sections at craft/fabric stores or even thrift stores. Mine came from an old dress. 


  1. wow :) really nice and easy idea :))

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  2. How beautiful, I'll have to keep my eyes open for a lovely applique now.

  3. Seriously, that white dress is perfection.

  4. I am so inspired by your work! First, I found you on Pinterest, then I followed your Instagram and finally I added this site to my FeedlerRSS app so that I didn't miss a single post! Your appliqués are gorgeous and I wanted to share another use for those amazing embellishments that I just discovered (but have yet to attempt). They are called "designer bra straps" and you can see what I am talking about at www.bestdesignerbrastraps.com. These would be *perfect* to make from your leftovers! They seem to use clear plastic bra straps, but I bet any will do as long as you cover the material completely! They have ones made of crystals, pearls, lace, beads, or anything really. If you decided to make these and show us a tutorial, I will be your biggest fan! (if I'm not already - haha!) Cheers. :)

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