DIY Gift: Lace Belt

Handmade gifts are a must for me, I try to think of items that are simple enough to make fore everyone, but also with a touch of my style.  These crochet/lace belts are perfect and practical for most. 

You will want to get a strap that measures the D-Ring width or slightly smaller. The length should be waist measurement + 7" (child 5"). So you will need at least 1-2 yards per belt depending on this.  Because it's a gift, getting a waist size will be hard so look up standard waist measurements based on size and add the additional 7". 

    DIY instructions:

    Measure belt: You will need more length in the crochet then the ribbon. Mine measured 42 inches for the ribbon and 52 for the crochet.  This is about medium, so if they'rre smaller you will need to adjust.

    Top stitch the crochet going down each side.

    You will have some extra crochet you will fold over the wrong side and sew both sides down again.

    Place the rings on the other side and sew over. This is the only belt I will wear, great with jeans because it doesn't have the added bulk.


    1. Awesome idea and so easy. This is going in my diy gifts. Thanks for sharing Miss Laura


    2. So cute! I love it! Great DIY project...


    3. You're right, this would make a really lovely gift in any size for anyone. Also a really doable DIY. Have posted it on my Tumblr holiday and regular blog.

    4. oh my, that's a great gift idea!x

    5. Oooo! Thank you for sharing! I know what my girls are getting for Christmas now!

    6. Ooooo I love it! Sister gift for sure!



    7. Okay, silly question maybe, but how do you have it looped on that the free end is under and the belt D's can be worn open?? Love the look, but I can't figure out how you put it on! LOL

    8. Well, the creations shared are really very much beautiful and eye catching. Other than being beautiful these are useful as well, adding one more reason of increased popularity of handmade items. There are several types of handmade items having high popularity among people, and you have shared a nice piece among those available handmade gifts.

    9. Oh! I just have this type of metal fix from old belt that I was going to throw away!!!

    10. Oh, I just have this 2 metal parts from old belt that i am going to throw away! It is a grate idea!!!

    11. I have the same "silly question" as C. I always struggle with this buckle style. I've never seen one that appears like yours, and I also like the look. Plus, where do you put the side that always ends up flopping down on one side? If there are no belt loops I would have to tuck it into the belt and it doesn't look that great. Could you tell us your secret?

    12. Hi, I also have the same "silly question" as C. This belt looks gorgeous, but I'd like to be able wear it correctly ;)

    13. I really like what you describe, good to know such things.

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