Oversized Shirt to Bubble Cardigan

Before this was an oversized shirt that was quite awful. The only thing worth saving it for was the soft striped jersey that became a lovely summer cardigan. I wanted to create an interesting shape that wasn't just your average cardigan. This required a lot of reshaping and sewing that I could not capture in clear instructions...

For a list of my DIY tutorials with basic supplies and instructions click here. Hopefully your inspired to reshape your own "trash" finds. Good luck. 


  1. It looks really cute. I just wish the instructions and pics were a little more detailed so I could try it =/


    1. thanks, you can see a list of my DIY tutorials in the upper tab that have clear instructions and basic supplies.

  2. adore this! Simply love how it turned out - thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey - just found your blog via Lindsey at Better After. I love what you do! I've always done hack job alterations to the thrift store clothes I find, but you are truly gifted my girl. I will be following you from now on. :)

  4. really creative!
    Love the stripey shirt!!


  5. Omg!! I LOVE this!!

    Super creative, I really need more cardigans too, and I love that it was made from something not so beautiful. Great idea! If you could, I would love to know how you made it, I mean I've done some sewing, I'm not as amazing as you, but I would love to try to recreate it somehow!

    Really great, thanks for sharing, and I can't wait to see what else you have to share.

    Your newest follower,
    Jordan :)

  6. I LOVE this!!! Could you PLEASE PLEASE post up more pics so I can try to figure out how you did it?

  7. Oh my goodness, I love your stuff! I know this is from way long ago, but I was just looking for a t-shirt restyle for something really big, and came across your blog and have been looking through it all :) This is freakin adorable! I couldn't resist following :) Thanks!

  8. Amazing!!! ..as everything you've made! Thanks for inspiration..

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