DIY Fringe Seam Tee.

Supplies: Jersey, 
Small tshirt.

My fringe sleeve/seam shirt tutorial (here) was a hit...unfortunately though, double sided fringe is a one time find. So here is a great way to get the same effect and I just used old jersey. 

DIY Below:

Fold a soft jersey strip that measures about 6 inches wide and the length of the shirt (x2) long. Cut finger width strips starting at the folded edge. You will want an edge about 1/2 inch wide so don't cut through.  I cut the bottom of another t-shirt and used the bottom hem as one edge. 

Pull the jersey so the strips become like string.

Now that I showed you how to make fringe, you can sew this in the front or back of shirts.

The armhole really threw everyone off... I even got angry emails over this :)...So I'll update this even though it's pretty old. Although I'm glad to see people still like this one and I happened to come across it today to update this tutorial.

Sew the fringe trim you created right sides together starting at the front bottom hem and going up around the arm hole all the way to the back arm hole and stop just before your reach the back side seam. Then sew the back side seam right sides together.  Also notice how I cut the t-shirt by removing the sides so it was straight line from the armhole to the bottom hems.
This is how it will look in the back now. This is where we the confusion comes into play and I can understand as I was having trouble explaining it in the photos.  If you can see how I sewed from the front all the way around to just where the armhole ends on the back.  This is where you will have the trim hanging off as shown with the arrow.
 What I did was I flipped that end part and pinned it to the front trim creating an armhole.  You will want to adjust it so your arm can fit through.  Then I tacked it into place with my sewing machine as shown in the photo (see the white dashed line).
It should look like this when done...


 The other option would be make the trim long enough to fit around both front and back. Sew them right sides together from bottom front all the way around the arm hole down to the bottom back hem.
 With right sides together sew the trim together and leave an opening for the armholes.
It will look like this when done.

I hope I clarified a few things. I'm glad I found this shirt again because I still to this day get comments and to be honest I wasn't even sure what I did at the time. It's still one of my favorites and a great summer look...


  1. Gorgeous DIY! And the cotton jersey makes it a lot easier for me, because I don't own a sewing machine and would be freaked out trying to hand sew lace.

    Definitely going to try this soon!


  2. great DIY! :)
    It looks so nice :)

  3. I've never seen it done like that.... yours looks very good! I'll have to try it.
    Thanks for sharing :)


  4. so simple but awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you stop by to see my latest posts! http://nellecreations.blogspot.com

  5. So I just discovered your blog and I am in love! Amazing DIYs! I want to do them all!

  6. I looked for an hour for double-sided fringe to no avail... what a great solution. Thanks, I will be trying my own t-shirt soon :)

  7. Great project!


  8. You have some really great tutorials on here I really love this t-shirt DIY!
    You should make a collage on my new website with it! www.amazine.com
    Lauren made a DIY tutorial collage here you can see!

  9. How did you do the arm hole????

  10. I'm also curious about the armhole area! :)

  11. I can not figure out the arm holes. Can you explain. This is so cool.

  12. im making one right now and as far as the arm hole goes i just used a black t shirt and cut the sides so its already an arm shape and i just cut the slits in the fabric and pulled it to make strings as shown in the instructions above. hope that helps :)

  13. Do you have an instagram?

  14. Love the idea - had a medium shirt & was just getting too booring - instead of doing an insert I just wanted to jazz it up. I Folded it & snipped the fold in about 3"-4" & stretched & it looks just like yours - now I will work on the "too small" ones. Thanks for the wonderful ideas you post.

  15. Could you possibly explain how the armhole looks? I'm really interested and can't figure it out based on the picture! Amazing idea nonetheless!

  16. I am going to use this idea to modify some Zumba wear I have.. THANK YOU! I will post a pick when it's finished!
    this is genious!

  17. I don't get the armhole either and I've been sewing for years. It isn't just as simple as sewing it up the sides because the strips are going the opposite direction on the shoulder.

  18. Never explained the armhole situation

  19. I'll have to go back and see what I did, this was done years ago...touch base when I can.

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