DIY. Plain tank into Lace-up Racerback

Edge up a basic tank with lace up eyelet detailing. It instantly transforms a boring top into an edgy racerback! 



To view a video tutorial go here: 

 There is 2 ways to do this. 

  • You can either buy the grommet/lace up trim from the store.  Place the trim where the strap hits the midpoint of the shoulder and pin in one continuous strip to the same point on the other side. When pinning you will need the trim to be on the inside of the straps. So you will sew on the left side of the trim, and right side of the strap. Top stitch along the grommet trim starting from one side to the other. (Remember to sew on the left side of the trim or you won't be able to lace it up). You can also glue the trim with a hot glue gun or fabric glue, but that's not my style. 
  •  This is how I did the top using the Dritz Eyelet Pliers and Eyelets. Begin by marking with tailors chalk or a marking tool where you want your eyelets to be. I did even spaces of 1.5" starting from the midpoint of shoulder strap and marked continuously all the way around (even the collar). 
  • Follow the Eyelet Plier instructions. You will cut a small hole (I just poked each hole with some embroidery scissors because the jersey will stretch so don't cut large holes (a small poke will do). Then place the eyelets into the holes and secure with the pliers. 
  •  Once done with either ways tie some string in the back to create a racer back. I started at the bottom 2 and laced string in and out till I got to about the midpoint of the shoulder. I used some jersey knit scraps and cut a 1/2" x 20" strip and pulled to create string. 

Try this on the front of a t-shirt too for an edgy collar line: Video tutorial here!


  1. Ah - a great, easy project that creates a cool effect - going to try this one tonight! Many thanks.


  2. this looks so lovely and i must tell you im a bit jealous of how well you can sew!! i wish i could!

    greets Birdyblue

  3. very nice, beautiful photos

  4. Genial, me encanta el resultado.



  5. A good entry DIY before moving on to those sexy pants you posted previously!

  6. Love what you did here.

  7. now this is cool. what a nice touch of detail

  8. I absolutely love this, and this entire blog! I wish I had a sewing machine and any sewing skills because this is perfect!

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