Forever 21 Guest Blogger. DIY

Project:  Textured Capelet
Supplies: 1-2 yards of fabric
I used an old zipper for the tie.

I had the pleasure of guest blogging for Forever 21. This is exciting because I have been shopping here since I was a young girl. 

To make your own Ruffled Capelet check out my diy tutorial here.


  1. This is genius! Loved this tutorial on the F21 blog :)


  2. Congrats with Forever21! That's a HUGE deal!!!

  3. wow dear ur amazing.... love ruffles... this capelet & that white ruffes dress from curtain are my favourites.... love love..... following ya right away....
    chk ma blog

  4. i just wanted to say i absolutely love your blog you have really inspired me to see things not just as they are already but what they can become. Have broken out the old sewing machine to upcycle some forgotten clothing :)

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