Sew A Cozy Robe

One gift I planned to sew myself and my boys this year is a cozy house robes. For the pattern I went with this Indygo Junction's Kimono robe as the base and added a hoody and pocket. Especially for my boys since they call these their "Gaming Robe." I used Dritz Fold-Over Elastic for the belt loops and it can also be used as a binding for the interior and exterior edges. I wanted a quality fabric that was soft and cuddly and the pro's in this field is Shannon Fabrics


 Follow the pattern guidelines to construct the main silhouette. I created a liner with the cuddle sherpa because the exterior fabric I used was a bit light for a winter robe. This was done by just sewing another piece. 

Draft a hoody. I used my son's hoody to do this part. I sewed this on with the base as one piece and left the bottom hem open to flip right sides out. 

To create the belt sash simply sew the strip right sides together and flip out with Dritz Loop Turner. This is one of my most used supplies. 

I added some Sew-On Snaps on the pockets as a closure for my son's snacks or phone. I also like that it keeps them closed so they don't hang open. 

  • For the belt loops I cut the Fold-Over Elastic into the proper length. 
  • Fold over the top edges a 1/4" or so. 
  • Fold the elastic length wise and stitch just along the edges (the unfolded side) closing the FOE to form a strip.
  • Top stitch the top edges just along the fold to create the belt loop. 

These turned out so perfect and we will get good use of these for the winter. 

*In collaboration with Dritz.


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