Macramé Racerback from tshirts

Updated video and tutorial below:

Macramé is a knotting art that dates back to the 13th century. Sailors needed to know these techniques as well. This was a popular decorative art in the Victorian era. This was interesting to know, although my interest came from my mom who learned macramé in high school. Its peak popularity was in the 1970s. My mom made wall hangings and belts. I thought it would bring fresh details to today's fashions, and I was inspired to use it for a few of my designs seen below and here. Some things do come back as a blast from the past!

Directions in the video below…


  • L or XL tshirt with seamless sides.
  • Or cording and cut 9 strings each 53 inches long.
  • Tank to add the macrame design to
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread. 


  1. Cannot wait to try this one out! Looks like a lot of fun, and absolutely perfect for summer!

  2. This is lovely! Definitely a great idea for summer, so I will be trying this soon.

  3. i love your ideas!
    i do a lot of this stuffs my self and you are my insperation! ;)

  4. LOVE this, going to be my weekend project. ]
    p.s. you're fit girl.

  5. Love! Adding it to my DIY To Do List.

  6. If anyone does this I'd love to see a picture of what the front looks like in the end!

  7. my gosh, that's so lovely! can't wait to do it on my own! :)
    how long did it take you to make this shirt?

  8. So cute! Summer is coming up and I need some diy clothing!

  9. Is their any specific t short size I know it's more baggy but I don't want the front to drop down or it not hug my hips

  10. Hi. This is a great idea. How wide are the strips cut to?

  11. Awesome and easy to follow tutorial!! Thank you for sharing!