1. You are VERY gifted. I love everything that you have created and posted onto this blog! Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is absolutely amazing, I love that you can take something so ordinary and transform it! You've inspired me and now I think I will go learn how to sew! Thanks for sharing x

  3. You are my inspiration! Thank You! :-*

  4. On the skull fringe tutorial that you posted in February, can you tell me where you found the shirt it is adorable!
    Thank you

  5. Thanks to my Pinterest addiction I found your site!!! You are creating the fun pieces that I dream of and collect fabulous lace and ribbon for...I just never quite get to a creation I would wear out of the house. HA!! Now it all seems so perfectly simple - thank you for your time and for posting!! :D

  6. Beautiful stuff! You have inspired my. Found you through Pinterest

  7. How do you get inspiration for all of this, it really is a work of art to convert normal clothes into something magnificent (:

  8. How do you get a shirt to the long enough to be worn as a dress? I love your work, and it's probably a stupid question, but I don't understand how you do it.

  9. I am really trying to get in to sewing. I have a machine, what do you feel are the other essential tools for a beginner sewing kit?

  10. Hi Laura,
    With your knowledge in seamstressing (?) would you mind considering a blog post on how to handle backless tops when the user has to wear a bra? I've inserted bra cups into dresses that I couldn't fill out on my own to eliminate the need for strapless bras but your recent post about the Bailey 44 shirt would stump me as I need bra coverage and don't like it to show in the back.
    Thank you!
    Loren Ellison

  11. Hello there! Such an inspiration! Was wondering whether you would like to be featured on my regular Greeny Crafters ?

    Agy from Green Issues.

  12. Hello,
    I wanted to know if you ever took sowing classes? I've always been very curios and love making beautiful things out of ordinary stuff. I find what you do very inspiring. My grandma sowed most of her life and I regret not making the time to learn from her. I actually was even considering fashion design as a career, until someone told me it was too much of a competitive field and didn't think I could make it. I believed that person, and now I want to make up for the lost time and maybe go into some classes or just practice on my own. What do you recommend I do?
    I understand you have to have the time, patience and passion for it. But every time I see blogs like this something inside me moves and I can't help my talent of being a creative person and I think is about time I dream again.

  13. hey :)
    i absolutely love your ideas, so i thought you may halp me.
    i have this sweater
    and i really like the stripes on it but its just too too bagy to wear it out in public so du you have any ideas on how i could make it look great and stylish again?
    i'd appreciate if you would answere
    love :)

  14. You inspired me with your DIY trim seam..
    I added u as one of my sources to sew!
    U ROCK!!!

  15. Hi Laura, I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award - love the blog, just wish I was as handy with a sewing machine as you!

  16. Well, I am glad I found your blog through Pinterest! I am a crafty-wanna-be ;) and I recently bought a sewing machine but have no clue how to use it. I've been watching You Tube tutorials and now I want to get started even faster with your XL shirt revamp! Thanks!

  17. Wow I love your work, so amazing! I can't figure out how to follow your blog???

    1. Thanks elyse, I have a list at the bottom of my website.

  18. Just a quick message to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Link here for info: xoxo GirlWithSpecks

  19. I love your blog! The more I explore the more I fall in love! Thanks for sharing!

  20. I have seen some of your pictures (I didn't know these were yours) and I have always been thinking who is that crazy woman with that eye of seeing so much beautiful things in almost nothing. As your blog header says: Trash to Couture!

    Love your designs and keep up that great work you are doing!

  21. Love your backpack sewing tutorial. I featured it at today.

  22. I love everything you create..You are so talented!!! I cannot wait to use some of your diy outfits..I'm so excited i don't know where to begin.

  23. I am in love with everyone of your DIY projects. Cant wait to get started trying these out.

  24. I am interested in a gold blue stone bracelet I've seen posted on Pinterest and was wondering how I can go about purchasing it?

    Thank you

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  28. Laura, Thank you for posting your 'How To's'!! They're easy to follow / easy to do. You are very creative & generous with sharing your ideas. Keep 'em coming!