False Eyelashes with Decals - Make Your Eyes Beautiful

Every girl desires long, fluttery, and full eyelashes. Everyday makeup can highlight your eyes for a short time, but it isn't easy to schedule makeup time during your busy schedules. It is possible to go for lashes with decals for a stunning and captivating look. 

Read this blog post to get all important information about lashes with decals to make your eyes different from others.


Why Lashes with Decals


Eyelashes with dramatic lashes are back in fashion. While most models and famous people apply lashes with decals to make them appear more attractive, particularly for photoshoots, you can play with your eyelash and experiment with various looks. 


Although lashes with decals are trending this season, however, you do not want to appear as if you're attending an event for Halloween. 


For stunning look bring the lash towards your lash line. Start adhering it from the center towards the edges and corners. Be sure that there are no gaps left and that it rests exactly in the last line of your eyes.


Apply pressure to both lashes to create a natural look. 


Look of the Day with Lashes with Decals


If you are attending an event during day time and you want gorgeous looks, go towards lashes with decals.

If you have thin lashes that you'd want to improve but still keep the natural appearance, you need to choose lashes with decals that are not as exaggerated. Lashes with decals come in different varieties. Pick one that has shorter and thin hair to keep an authentic look.


Here are some recommendations:




Step into this dreamlike butterfly wonderland with this wispy, soft, and tapered lash to achieve your ultimate makeup goals! Butterfly Wonderland Lash is ideal for those who want to add enviable length and want an ultra-glamorous look that brings attention to your eyes.



Feeling like walking into a beautiful Flower Garden? We think so too! Made with feathery-weight faux mink material, these stunning lashes are comfortable to wear and will be your new must-have for a vacation & night-out look!


Look for the Evening with Lashes with Decals


To create a dramatic look, choose thick and long lashes with decals. Different decals do well in bringing your eyes to life. If it's an occasion for costume parties, you can play around with dramatic styles as well.


Here are some limited-edition lashes with decals that will definitely make you the shiniest one at the Halloween party.



Bats are the natural symbol of Halloween, so get into the Halloween vibe with this festive Ghost Bat Lash this year! This Ghost Bat lash is lightweight and soft, and has great curl and thin band, which offers ultra-comfort for all day wear.



There's magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight. Be creative and decorate your lashes this year! Devil Pumpkin lash comes with medium thick band and made from super light and comfortable faux mink hair. Wear them on Halloween night and you will be the star!



Spiders are an iconic symbol of Halloween as they’re the evil companion of witches. Appearanz Spider lash is a perfect eye accessory that makes you truly fit in with Halloween Spooky vibe! One neon black spider on one lash and One neon blue spider on the other lash.




Appearanz Adorable Alien Lash is a must-have for a truly Out-of-This-World Halloween! They will complete your look and spice up your Halloween makeup in 30 seconds. Welcome these cutest Aliens to our Lash World!


Do you like these beautiful lashes with decals? There's no style here for you? Don’t worry. Go to Appearanz to look for more lashes with decals!


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