DIY Tulip Wrap Skirt

Transform a dated gathered skirt into a tulip wrap skirt. Perfect for comfortable days at home to out and about errands. I even like using this as a cover up for swimming at the beach or pool.  While the "before" isn't bad by any means, it just felt a bit dated and poofy for my liking. You can create this with a yard of fabric as well. This refashion, pattern design was made easy using Dritz Style Design Ruler from the Design Ruler Trio. These rulers are essential for making pattern alterations, drafting, and designing your own patterns. They're the perfect ruler for adding adjustments when up cycling or altering clothing. The skirt is made with 2 layers of fabric so it's easy to master that curved hem. Get the details below and make your own Tulip Wrap Skirt

  • Design Ruler Trio: I used the Style Design Ruler 
  • Knit skirt to upcycle or knit fabric
  • General sewing notions 

Remove the waistline and side seams so the gathered skirt is now a 2 layers of fabric. You will need the fabric to be 2 layers so my skirt was pretty wide once the gathers were removed. You can use fabric as well, just make sure it's wide enough to wrap around your waist. 

The fabric width should be your full hip measurement + half hip measurement. For example if my hip measurement is 40" then that plus 20" =  60" wide. The length is up to you, mine was about 20" long. 

Lay the fabric out flat and use the Style Design Ruler or the 12" Curve Ruler and a fabric marking tool to draw out a curved edge on the bottom corners and cut.

You can also cut directly along the ruler edge with rotary cutters. 

Now you will have 2 layers of fabric that should look like this (*the photo was cropped since it was too wide but it should be even on both sides).

Stitch all the way around right sides together with a 1/4" seam allowance. You will want to leave a 4" opening at the top to flip right sides out. 

At the top of the side seams you will need to leave a small opening about 1/4" down and about 1/2" long on each side for the draw string strap.

Flip right sides out through the opening and press.

Top stitch the opening you flipped right side out closed. Top Stitch 1" from the top edge to create the draw string casing. 

Press the curved edges nice and flat and stitch about 1/4" from the edge. Make sure to leave the drawstring casing open. 

Weave strapping through the casing you created with a safety pin. I used a 2" wide strip of the knit and pulled it to create a string like strap. Make sure it is long enough to wrap around your waist and tie in a bow. 

***In collaboration with Dritz. 


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