DIY Gifts: Earbud and Headphone Case


With the holidays right around the corner I thought I'd share some simple gift ideas that don't require a lot of materials (think scraps) and quick to make. With Dritz you can easily make gifts in no time with their handy products and bulk supplies. I love their new 8" Omnigrid Rotating Cutting Mat: it's great for cutting anywhere for quick and small cuts. With my kids home more than ever this year, I find it nice to sit with them around the table and help with homeschool while cutting my own projects (and not take the whole table up).  I also take it on the patio while they play out back and get some sunshine! With their bulk selections I'm able to buy more at once like Dritz Swivel Hooks I always have on hand (available at JoAnns). For Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers I thought these cute earbud/headphone holders were a good idea (especially for the tweens in the family). You can hang them on your backpack, wallet, etc. I also like a little cord wrap if you have the headphones with cords. Get the details below and make your own. 


Create a circle template. You can do this with a bottom of a cup. You can make them small or larger. My circle diameter measured 3.5" for most. For the tiny earbud one using Dritz 1 3/4" Metallic Elastic that diameter was just shy of 2".  Start with a standard one and then edit to your liking. 

For the back cut out two rectangle pieces. Mine measure 4" x 5". Create so they overlap at least 1" when folded and cover the circle area (see below).

Cut a 1" tab of Fold-Over Elastic/ 1/2" Elastic/ or bias tape and wrap around the D-Ring. Baste all raw edges together on the right side of the center top. 

Fold the back pieces together (wrong sides together). Place just over the circle so right sides are together. Place the bottom piece over the top so they overlap 1" or so. Pin the pieces together on the back as shown in the photo above. 

Sew all the way around (1/4' seam allowance). 

Cut the seam allowance down with pinking sheers and flip right side out. 

Adorable! You can do so many prints and styles. I also added embroidery on a few. 

For the cord wrap:

Cut 2 vinyl tabs that measure 3.5" x 1".  

Top stitch the two tabs together along the edge (wrong side facing). You also can just do 1 layer but I liked the extra weight and my vinyl was white on the wrong side. 

Use Dritz Snap Pliers and plastic snaps to add the snap closures on the ends following the product instructions.  

More detailed instructions here.

For the little wallet you can use this tutorial here or this one on IGTV.


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