DIY Christmas T-Shirt Set

Tis the season for sewing all the festive projects! I have been looking forward to making a little Christmas set for my youngest son Louis and I (my older sons just laugh at me haha). I wanted to make something that could be worn as a pj set and out and about. Louis loved his little custom shirt and even helped me make it. I made a raglan pattern so I could add a contrasting sleeve and neckline. Because the project was knit material it was a good time to use my Eloflex Stretchable Thread from Coats and Clark, especially along the neckline. I then created an appliqué for the front and added a topstitch to add more detail. Get the details below and make your own.


Use Iron-On Fabric Sheets and trace the pattern on the back (mirror image).  For the pattern I used the lettering from my Brother ScanNCut and cut out the silhouette from this as well. You can use scissors or a blade as well.

Construct a raglan t-shirt. You can use a pattern from scratch like I did for my "MOM" shirt (supplies listed above). Or you can refashion a t-shirt by removing the sleeves and adding a contrasting raglan sleeve like I did for my son's shirt (full tutorial here). I also added a contrasting neckline. Because the shirt is knit I used Coats Eloflex thread especially around the neckline. 

Another option is just get a t-shirt to add the appliqué/embellishments too. 

Center the design on the front of the shirt. I did the adult image about 4" down from the neckline and 2.5" down for my son's.

Press according to the decal fabric instructions. 

To add some additional detail I topstitched the silhouette with Coats and Clark's All-Purpose Thread. 

Finish all the edges accordingly. 

Such a fun one to make with your kids. We have already been wearing them and getting in the Christmas spirit early. 

*In collaboration with Coats and Clark


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  2. Great ideas for christmas holidays. Thank you for sharing. I will apply now!

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  4. I love this DIY! I'm also looking for a raglan T-shirt pattern! Thank you so much for sharing!
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  5. Because the shirt is knit I used Coats Eloflex thread especially around the neckline....