DIY Embroidered Stocking

Kicking off December with these custom DIY stockings for Christmas! My Mother-in-law asked if I could make stockings for my nieces this year. I do these often for my boys so I thought it would be a cute project to share. I used a sherpa material for the top part where the name will be embroidered. When embroidering on fuzzy materials you will need to use some additional supplies so the embroidery stands out. Get the details below on how to make you own custom stockings below...


  • Cut the sherpa piece out so it's slightly larger than the stocking in width and the length you want. Be mindful of seam allowances (I did not hem the bottom either). 
  • Mark center locations with a fabric marking tool
  • Hoop Ultra Clean & Tear Stabilizer and spray 505 Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Place the sherpa so it's centered over the hoop and stabilizer 
  • Add a water soluble stabilizer like Aquamesh WashAway as a topper. This will help the embroidery stay on top of the fluffy fabric. 
  • When deciding the lettering it's a good idea to use bold letters and contrasting thread colors for furry/fuzzy fabrics. 
  • Set your machine up to embroidery.
  • Cut the remaining stabilizer and remove the tear away stabilizer from the back. You can get any additional stabilizer left over on the top wet and it will dissolve away. 

  • Use a stocking pattern like this one here. I just used a simple felt stocking I had as my template. 
  • Cut 2 sets for each liner and main.
  • Place the embroidered sherpa over the front main piece so it's centered.
  • Baste stitch the sides and trim down the seam allowance. 
  • Pin front and back right sides together and sew.
  • For the liner, place front and back right sides together and pin. Mark a 3" opening on the side. 
  • Stitch leaving the 3" opening.
  • Clip the corners of both liner and main stocking.
  • Flip the main piece right side out and place into the liner so right sides are together.

  • Sew a tab or use ribbon/trim that is 4" long.
  • Fold the tab in half (right side out)
  • Place the tab so the folded side is down along the seam of the main stocking. 
  • Pin and baste stitch the tab.
  • Pin the top so front and back are together and sew all the around with a 1/2" seam allowance. 
  • Flip right side out through the liner opening. 
  • Stitch the liner opening closed. 
  • Flip liner inside.

I couldn't help but add some Christmas appliqu├ęs to the stockings and bows. Embroidery Online has many options to pick from and some free standing lace ornaments. Now a few more to do for my boys.

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