Mom on the Run: A Day in the Life

I get a lot of questions through my social accounts on what a day is like for me as a fashion and content designer, athlete, and mom. How do I manage it all while being a mom of 3 boys? So I sat down with Mizuno Running to share a post on what goes on behind the scenes (“seams”) of Trash to Couture. Maybe it’s just me, but I always find interest in reading content like this. You learn so much about different lifestyles, careers, people, etc. 

Head over to the Mizuno blog to read the full post. It's a day jam packed with goodness. 


  1. Reading your typical day (Thursday) was enough for me to seriously wonder if I'm not a terrifically unproductive, lazy and disorganized person. Daunting list of responsibilities, commitments and disciplines fill your days - you're an inspiration to us all but I fear perhaps set the bar a little high for the rest of us mortal women :)

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