Fun DIY Recycling Activities for Student

Teaching is an enriching career because you are making an impact on the future. Great teachers are truly hard to find but with a bit of extra help from leading universities like Rutgers, most teachers can excel in the class and in administrative roles in academics. Today’s schools focus on giving greater emphasis on individualized curriculum, especially for exceptional or special ed students and why it is so important to pursue a Master of Education in Learning, Cognition and Development.
These are the teachers who use everyday events to enrich their students in ways text books can’t reach. If you are working with students who have varying needs in the classroom, fun projects can often enable you to keep their focus on lessons they need to learn. Just look at what you can do with DIY recycling activities in the classroom.

Bring a Bag of Old Clothes Day

Most students think of recycling as those blue bins outside their homes where their parents place empty soda cans, plastic bottles and bags, or even papers to be recycled. However, there are ways in which students can learn to recycle some of the things they have to make new things, especially in terms of apparel. Instructors from Rutgers University learn to reach our students where they are in their development. This means that you can use those old clothes for various DIY projects while giving them lessons you are studying in class.
For example, primary grade teachers might be working on basic shapes or helping kids fine-tune gross motor skills. For this type of activity, kids can cut shapes from some of those old clothes in order to be attached to other articles of clothing or accessories like handbags and scarves. Get out the sparkle fabric paints and fabric glue and watch as their imaginations take over. This is especially fun if the kids bring in a pair of jeans. They can cut shapes from their old clothes in different textures and colors and glue them to the jeans. After that, they can outline or paint with sparkle colors to add depth to their new creations.

Get Them Thinking

You may be teaching lessons in earth science. Here you can talk about reducing waste by learning to recycle whatever items may be salvageable. You can teach your students that recycling is so much more than taking those tins to the recycling center where they’ll get a few cents back for their efforts. Instead, get them thinking of ways to put that waste to use.
This site can give you at least 20 ideas for recycling those old soda cans and some of the ways in which they can be used lead to other interesting and fun DIY projects. Think about making cookie cutters from old soda cans. That is one activity on recycling, but now take those cutters and cut out clay shapes. Let them dry or bake them in the school’s kiln if you have one. After that, take out the acrylics and let the kids decorate their cookie cutter shapes. These make great paperweights and perfect Christmas presents for mom and dad, and will be teaching your students an invaluable lesson on managing waste.

Let your kids come up with creative ways to recycle everyday items and you will be amazed at their capacity to think beyond what we can imagine as adults. What a fun way to learn about recycling in the classroom!


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