DIY: Embroidery Gift Guide

When it comes to making gifts for my loved ones I like to create original items tailored to each person. This is why I love embroidery. There are so many options to customize each gift with design, wording, and what you choose to embroider on. 
Embroidery Online has so much to offer just browsing through the site you will find a gift for everyone in your life. We put together 3 DIY gift ideas that can easily be customized for your gift giving this year.

The Dress in the photos was a refashion I did...see the before here.

Get the details below...

DIY Freestanding Jewelry:
I love the look of freestanding lace. These cuffs and choker set make beautiful gifts and also accessories for your holiday looks. Try these in metallic threads for a festive finish. 
For more Free standing lace check this post out  here.

DIY Embroidered Tea Towel: 
Who doesn't love coffee? This Coffee Time Collection is one of my favorites from Embroidery Online. I could embroider these designs on just about everything. This tea towel is a great gift to add with a cup and coffee for that coffee lover in your life (just about everyone).

  • Mark the location of where you want the design. I chose the bottom of the towel.
  • Stabilize the towel with a water soluble stabilizer like Aquamesh WashAway.
  • Hoop the towel and stabilizer. 
  • Choose a fun design like this Coffee Time Collection.
  • Embroider with various Isacord threads.
DIY Hoop Art:

I love embroidered hoop art, it's such a fun and cute way to add some artwork to your walls.  It's also easy to customize which makes it a great gift idea like these Unicorn designs here. Perfect for hanging right in my studio.
Another idea to try:
Embroidered Custom T-shirt Pockets here.

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  2. I find embroidery gifts useful- that lace cuff is so pretty....last year I did a few dish towels for a friend ....hes a wine waiter/sommelier and i used 'you were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met you' it was so well received!

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