Fun Gift Ideas for the Trendsetting Dude

Fun Gift Ideas for the Trendsetting Dude
If you’re dating a man who knows more fashion brands than you, considers the world his runway, and is constantly refilling his closet with new threads, it’s safe to say you’ve got a trendy fellow on your hands. It can be difficult to find presents for a guy that’s on top of his fashion game, as everything you see, he already seems to have. 
A Trendy Subscription Service
Subscription services are now all the rage, and you can have special boxes of all your favorite types of goodies sent straight to your door. This trend has even moved into the world of fashion. Consider buying your guy a subscription to a service like Trunk Club. This awesome company will match him up with a personal stylist, ask questions to determine his clothing preferences, and then send a variety of different pieces right to his front door every month. He can try on and keep what he loves, and send back what he doesn’t, free of charge. This way, he’ll always be on the forefront of trends, no sweat off your back. As he fills up his closet with new items, you might just be able to repurpose his old clothes for a fashion statement that’s all your own. 
New Accessories
From new belts to modern wallets, accessories are essential for the trendy fellow. The right accessory pieces can take a plain t-shirt and jeans from casual to upscale, and serve as ways to spice up the wardrobe he’s working with. If you’re stuck, consider the accessory staples every man should have in his closet. First, a statement watch. Every man’s wrist should be adorned in a classic, timeless (no pun intended) watch face. Check out Daniel Wellington for a variety of watches that will add that bit of debonair charm to any outfit. If your guy is constantly donning a suit and tie to head into the office, a pair of personalized cufflinks serve as a practical and sentimental gift sure to make him smile. 
The Jacket of the Season
The weather’s getting cooler, and that means fall wardrobe changes are upon us. Keep your guy protected from the cold in a suave bomber jacket. These jackets have been around for decades, but have definitely seen a resurgence in popularity in the last year or so, and it’s easy to see why. Flattering on almost all body types, these cooler than cool jackets provide a bit of street style charm that your guy will love rocking whenever he leaves the house. 
Some Grooming Tools
Staying on trend means more than buying new clothing and accessorizing. The put-together fellow understands the importance of regular grooming, and whether he’s rocking a full beard or prefers the freshly shaven look, every man deserves a high-end shaving kit. The Art of Shaving has a variety of men’s shaving kits he’s sure to adore, complete with pre-shave oils, brushes, and sharper than sharp razor blades to ensure he gets the close shave he craves. 
A Pedicure
Yes, you read that right. Your man may be hesitant at first (or perhaps he’s one of the rare few that knows a great offer when he sees it), but a pedicure can be an excellent gift idea for a fellow that’s into fashion and looking his best. Women aren’t the only ones who should enjoy the calming and relaxing process of getting their toes done, and you’ll definitely appreciate it when he comes home with feet that no longer resemble those of a hobbit. If he’s less than psyched on the idea of heading to a nail salon, consider becoming his personal nail artist for the evening. Give his feet a good washing, massage those calves, and clip those toenails to make sure his tootsies look their best. This is a true act of love that he’ll surely appreciate, and who knows, maybe he’ll be so thankful it will inspire him to return the favor! 
As we head into fall, make sure your guy is set to turn heads with the latest fashions. This guide is sure to help you find a fashionable present he’ll adore, so get shopping. 


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