DIY Maternity Photoshoot Gown.

I designed this dress specifically for my maternity photos while pregnant with our 3rd child. I am pretty sure this is our last baby so I really wanted to embrace the beauty of pregnancy. I didn't really take much when I was pregnant with my other two mainly because nice camera phones and social media weren't great back then.  I wanted this dress to accommodate my growing belly and body for photos through out the pregnancy. It's so pretty though it can be made for any occasion with any type of fabric. 

Fabric is really key here. Make sure you find something that has stretch and drape. I chose a fine jersey that was almost a bit sheer. A light gauze fabric will do well too.

Get the details below…

Begin by measuring your waist right below your bust. 

You will need a couple of yards. Decide the length you want from the rib cage to your desired length. I added a few inches below my inseam because I wanted it to flow. This was meant specifically for photos. If you want this for the beach or just a comfy dress than I'd make sure it isn't too long because you can trip easy. 

You will be shirring the waist and will need a bit extra width for the slit.  I suggest a width of 2 yards and you can adjust accordingly as you grow. 

Shirr the waist based on your waist measurements and start evenly in the middle. You will not shirr the whole width, just the waist measurement you got from above. 

When shirring you will need elastic thread. You only put this in the bobbin…silly my didn't know this and I was trying unsuccessfully to put it through the needle as well. 

Begin by stitching a quarter inch layer by layer until you have the desired width. 
Once you finished add your top parts. I used rectangles of fabric that measured  by ______. You will need to adjust this based on your personal measurements. Make sure they are long enough to tie in the back and wide enough to cover the bust. Finish the edges or if you used jersey leave them alone. 
Attach them to the shirred top edge. Pull as you sew so they will wrinkle a bit. I wanted my slit on the side so I put my bodice pieces more towards one side as shown in the photo above. 
Sew the shirred waist right sides together and sew down as far as you'd like the slit to start. I wanted a HUGE slit so I could adjust for photos. 
Tie knots on the top part of the bodice pieces. 
Dip dye in baby's gender for a photo reveal. 
This is the same pattern I did for this "honeymoon" dress but without the slit. 


  1. Beautiful!! Great job!! The maternity photos are stunning. http://www.lovesthefind.com/

  2. Wow- Both you and the dress look awesome!

    Thanks for the tips- I want to make one with the elastic shirring - I hope it is as easy as you made it look.